With double egg and cheddar
With smoked salmon, avocado and feta cream
With triple bacon, egg, cheddar and black truffle butter
+5 more variations


Burger bagel
Beef burger, cheddar, bacon, egg
Ottoman burger
Lamb & beef burger, shriracha, feta cheese cream and caramelized onions
Grilled chicken marinated
in Estrella beer with seasonal vegetables on buttermilk biscuit


+5 more variations
64 ®C eggs on grilled bread, butter, feta cream, seasonal vegetables
64 ®C eggs on grilled bread with ham and spicy mayo
+15 more variations


Brioche waffle with double chocolate and tahini cream
Banoffee waffle with banana, dulce de leche and cookies
Matcha cheesecake waffle with cream cheese and apricot jam
+5 more variations
Breakfast pizza on simit dough (Thessaloniki koulouri) with bacon, gruyère cheese and two fried eggs
Breakfast pizza on simit dough (Thessaloniki koulouri) with avocado, shriracha, feta cream and two fried eggs
Breakfast pizza on simit dough (Thessaloniki koulouri) with crispy pork belly and feta cheese cream
Khachapuri on melted cheese, sausage and fried egg
Khachapuri on melted cheese, chicken meatballs and fried egg.
#bougatsan with bougatsa cream and cinammon.
With bacon, cheddar and spicy mayo
Red velvet with cheesecake cream and berries
With chocolate and berries
With toffee cream and berries
+7 more variations
Pasta tuna salad with corn
Seasonal vegetable salad with gruyère cheese, thyme and olive oil
Kale, avocado, parmesan and tahini sauce
Grilled seasonal vegetables with gruyère cheese, thyme and olive oil
Beetroots, stone fruits, goatÕs cheese, nuts, olive oil
Grilled talagani cheese with berries
Whole-grain spaghetti with fresh basil, garlic and NaxosÕ gruyère cheese
Breakfast Greek style carbonara with fresh onion.
With cheddar and turkey
With cheddar and bacon
With chocolate and berries
With jam, cream cheese and berries.

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